Thank you for visiting Ki & Me.

Ki & Me is another way of saying the Universe and Me. “Ki” is the “universal life force energy” that flows through all things.

This blog shares with you my experiences and thoughts on this incredible life—as well as my journey to heal body, mind, and spirit.

I’ve coped with anxiety and PTSD agoraphobia symptoms since I was 18 years old. It is now my loving mission to share what’s helped, and is helping, me on my holistic healing journey, with those who face similar challenges.

I am a freelance writer and an aspiring Japanese Reiki Master, Awakened Academy Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master Crystal Healer and Crystal Reader.

Check out my Etsy store, Self Abundance Healing. I list a variety of holistic services: oracle divination, crystal work, dream analysis, and distance Reiki therapy sessions.

I perform these holistic, intuitive services solely from my heart and soul and for your highest and best good—helping you manifest your loving goals and dreams. I’ve found divination to be a very helpful tool on my healing path. I mainly work with nature medicine (plants, animals, and crystals) for self-discovery and growth. I am so honored to share in this beautiful art with you, only when you’re ready to access the insight your higher-self is waiting to gift you—with a dollop of joy and loving support.

Sending so much love and light,