I am trying a new technique to maintain a mental balance. I start out a post with a Promise to myself that includes a challenge that I know will further my inner growth. A challenge that might make me a bit nauseous before I do it, but is incredibly fulfilling and gets a bit easier each time.

I need to make sure I keep up on it–kind of like a pile of dishes–It gets harder to clean the longer they stack up and easier to manage when they are washed frequently.

“The longer I go without challenging myself, the harder it is to do it again, just like dishes piling up”

I use a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based mental health app called Pacifica, which is almost like having a therapist in your pocket, but you are accountable to yourself to put in the work to reap the benefits. In the app’s Goals section, you can list a challenge you want to accomplish, such as “Have a conversation with a stranger” and rate how difficult you think it will be on a dial of 1-10 (10 being most difficult). What I noticed is I tend to rate challenges higher in difficulty before I do it, but when I completed it and go to rate the actual difficulty–it’s mostly lower than I thought.

I am going to pause writing right here because I’m still in my apartment and haven’t fulfilled my promise of walking to the cafe yet!

Here I go!

“I Live in the Now, flexible and fluid, energized and confident.”
“I am safe and supported by the shoulders of the Universe.”

-Kelly’s Mantras Before Accomplishing Promise #1

At the Cafe

Even though it’s around 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the walk to the cafe was refreshing. I felt alert, looking ahead and trying not to look at the sidewalk–instead, trusting I would not trip and I would know where to naturally place my feet. And you know what? I didn’t trip! Tripping, or anything else that might be socially “embarrassing” could be a trigger for me. What helps is accepting myself and actions for what they are, giving myself a lot of self-grace, and remembering not to take socializing too seriously.

Life is a varying scale of emotions, in each moment, and the gift of living is “now”. There isn’t an exact beginning or end. There is no pressure to rush things and figure everything out—it’s just not possible. Instead, I savor and marinate in each single breath, conversation, and millisecond that I am in this world.

There are also advantages to a more sensitive mindset:

  • Noticing the small and immensely magnificent things in life
  • Appreciating and respecting others and their internal battles
  • Always giving myself a generous dollop of patience and self-love
  • Valuing conversation and connecting with others in this life journey
  • Never taking anything or anyone for granted
  • Learning to love life, unconditionally

I create a loving reality with positive intentions—inviting myself to adventure.

Here is my current favorite mantra power thought card from the Power Thought Cards: 64 Card Deck by Louise Hay. 💜


Have a Soul-Full day,

Ki & Me ki (noun) – Circulating Life Force Energy that exists and flows through all things.

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